Author Voogt, Arjan, Buchner, Bas and Lopez-Cortiji Garcia, Joaquin
Title Wave Impact Excitation on Ship Type Offshore Structures in Steep Fronted Waves
Conference/Journal OMAE Speciality Symposium on FPSO Integrity, Houston
Paper no. OMAE-FPSO'04-0062
Month August / September
Year 2004

Wave impacts in steep fronted waves can induce extremely large impact pressures on the hull of moored ship-type offshore structures. As part of the SAFE-FLOW Joint Industry Project these loads were investigated with a dedicated series of model tests. Based on the results a prediction method is developed, which can be applied in the early design of the bow structure. The paper first summarizes the test philosophy and the developed prediction method. Then the practical design considerations related to bow slamming are discussed in a study focusing on the new DP-FPSO concept for a single environment.

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