Author Eça, L., Vaz, G, Falcão de Campos, J.A.C. and Hoekstra, M.
Title Verification of calculations of the potential flow around two-dimensional foils
Conference/Journal AIAA Journal Vol.42-12
Month December
Year 2004

This paper presents a Verification study for three Boundary Element Methods applied to cavitating flow around foils. The three methods include fully non-linear and partially nonlinear approaches with different cavity closure models. The aim of this study is to investigate the possibility to estimate the uncertainty of the numerical determination of the cavity length using a procedure based on a least squares root version of the Grid Convergence Index method. A wide range of conditions for cavitation numbers and angles of attack were considered, covering situations from fully-wetted to super-cavitating flow. The results obtained show that it is possible to obtain reasonable uncertainty estimations for the cases where the number of panels inside the cavity changes systematically. In these cases, the largest uncertainties are obtained for the smallest cavities just after inception and for the longest cavities approaching super-cavitation. Among the three BEM’s, the fully non-linear method yields the largest estimated uncertainties.

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