Author Bandringa, H., Helder, J.A. and Bunnik, T.H.J.
Title Validation of CFD for a deterministic breaking wave impact on a semi submersible
Conference/Journal 19th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS), St. Pierre d'Oléron, France
Month October
Year 2016

For structural design, prediction of run-up, green water and impact loads have to be taken into account, to assure the integrity and safety of structures offshore. For predicting these highly non-linear phenomena, most of the offshore industry relies on detailed model testing. In the last couple of years, however, CFD simulations have shown more and more promising results in predicting these events (Iwanowski (2014), Pakozdi (2015), Veldman (2015)). For the offshore industry to have sufficient confidence in the accuracy of CFD simulations in the challenging field of extreme wave impacts, it is essential that a proper verification and validation study of such CFD tools is performed. In this paper, two CFD simulation tools, i.e. ComFLOW and ReFRESCO will be considered. In Bandringa et al. (2016), these two CFD tools were successfully validated for a regular wave impact on a fixed semi submersible. To increase the complexity of the validation, in the present paper we focus on simulating a deterministic breaking wave impact on a fixed semi submersible, for which results will again be validated against experiments carried out by MARIN.

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