Author Eça, L., Lopes, R., Vaz, G., Baltazar, J. and Rijpkema, D.R.
Title Validation Exercises of Mathematical Models for the Prediction of Transitional Flows
Conference/Journal 31st Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics (ONR), Monterey, CA
Month September
Year 2016

This paper presents Validation exercises of mathematical models for the simulation of flows where transition from laminar to turbulent regime plays an important role on the flow properties. The selected models use the Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes equations supplemented by the SST and Wilcox versions of the two-equation k-omega eddy-viscosity model. For transition modelling, the Wilcox versions use damping functions (Low-Reynolds formulations) in the eddy-viscosity and k and omega transport equations, whereas the SST model is combined with a Local Correlation Transition Model that solves two extra transport equations to define an effective intermittency that affects only the k and omega transport equations.
The modelling errors are estimated using procedures proposed by the ASME in the two-dimensional, incompressible flows over a flat plate and around the NACA 0012 and Eppler 387 foils. The sensitivity of the transition models to the inlet turbulence quantities boundary conditions is demonstrated for several flow quantities including lift and drag coefficients and pressure and skin friction distributions.
The main trends observed in the two-dimensional flows are confirmed in a preliminary study performed for the open-water flow around the INSEAN E779A propeller at a single advance coefficient.

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