Underwater Radiated Noise Measurements for a Cruise Ferry
Author F.H. Lafeber, J. Bosschers, R. Hämäläinen, B. Lönnberg
Title Underwater Radiated Noise Measurements for a Cruise Ferry
Conference/Journal PRADS
Month October
Year 2013

Inboard noise and underwater radiated noise are becoming more and more important factors during the design of ships. Model tests are often used to support the design process of ships, but noise measurements are not often included in the model test campaign. However, with a growing concern regarding the effect of underwater radiated noise on marine life, and the demand for
lower inboard noise, the need for accurate noise prediction tools, such as model tests, is increasing.

The test setup for conducting noise measurements in MARIN’s Depressurized Wave Basin is presented as well as the procedure for such model tests. The scaling procedure of the model-scale results to full scale is discussed. The results of model tests for a high-comfort
class cruise ferry using these procedures are presented, followed by a discussion of the design issues of such a ship.

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