Author Veldman, A.E.P., Luppes, R., van der Heiden, H.J.L., van der Plas, P., Helder, J.A., Bunnik, T.
Title Turbulence Modeling for Locally-Refined Free-Surface Flow Simulations in Offshore Applications
Conference/Journal ISOPE 25th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, Kona, Hawaii, USA
Paper no. 15TPC-0282
Month June
Year 2015

To study extreme hydrodynamic wave impact in offshore and coastal engineering, the VOF-based CFD simulation tool ComFLOW is being developed. Recently, much attention has been paid to turbulence modeling and local grid refinement. In particular, a blend of a QR-model and a regularization model has been designed. The QR-model belongs to a class of modern eddy-viscosity models, where the amount of turbulent eddy viscosity is kept minimal. For validation, experiments have been carried out at MARIN.

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