Author Jongsma, S. and Windt, J.
Title Towards Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations in a Finite-Volume Flow Solution Method
Conference/Journal 18th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS), Cortona, Italy
Month September
Year 2015

When CFD simulations are performed, objects embedded in the flow are often considered rigid. In some cases however, this assumption is not valid and the interaction between the fluid and the structure should be taken into account. The aim of this research is, to develop such a method.
This paper starts by presenting the planned approach, describing the required steps. Subsequently, the current status of the implementation is discussed. Then a test case is described, which is a general benchmark for fluid-structure interaction (FSI), and the results obtained using the present method will be shown. Finally, some concluding remarks and directions for future research will be given.

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