Author Jan O. de Kat (MARIN)
Title Time-varying Drift Forces in Cross Seas : Measurements and Theory
Conference/Journal ISOPE Conference, San Francisco
Paper no. ISOPE-92-C5-174
Month March
Year 1992
Volume III
Pages 479

This paper presents a novel method to determine expeximentally both mean and time-varying drift forces This method is applied to measure the lov frequency forces in cross-sea conditions A brief review is given of the theory for determining the second order forces acting on a moored vessel in directional seas. Whereas in previous experimental work only mean drift forces could be determined, the present study shows that time-varying drift forces can be measured with reasonable accuracy. Surge and sway forces and yaw moments are measured for a 200,000 DWT tanker subjected to cross waves in 82 5 m water depth. Comparison between measured and theoretical values is reasonable.

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