Author Hooft, J.P. and Nienhuis, U.
Title The prediction of the ship's manoeuvrability in the design stage
Conference/Journal SNAME Annual Meeting
Month November
Year 1994
Pages 1-24

This paper contains the evaluation of the ship its manoeuvrability in the design stage during which the underwater hull form and the appendages are to be determined. For this purpose two basic aspects in the assessment of the ship its manoeuvrability are discerned, i.e. the determination of the influence of the hull form and of the appendages on the ship its hydrodynamic phenomena such as added mass and damping coefficients, and the determination of the effect of the hydrodynamic aspects on the ship its manoeuvring properties. This second aspect will be elucidated by means of computer simulations which the forces are generated on the hull in reaction to the ship its motions while manoeuvring. After that the forces will be described which are caused by the rudders.
Having determined all relevant hydrodynamic quantities, then the ship its manoeuvrability can be predicted by using computer simulations. Results from such simulations will be shown in comparison to model test results and to full scale trial results.

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