The MARIN systematic series fast displacement hulls
Author Kapsenberg, G.K.
Title The MARIN systematic series fast displacement hulls
Conference/Journal 22nd Int. HISWA Symposium on Yacht Design and Yacht Construction, Amsterdam
Month November
Year 2012

The paper describes the development of a systematic series of high speed displacement hull forms. The series is built around a parent model by varying the length to beam ratio, the beam to daft ratio and the block coefficient. Eventually thirty-three hull forms were built and tested in calm water up to a maximum speed of Froude number 1.14. Twenty-four of these hull forms were also tested in head waves. Regression analysis has been done on the experimental results to allow interpolation for intermediate speeds or intermediate hull forms.
All results of the experiments are now made available in the form of a computer program; the program also contains the regression equations to allow interpolation. The use of the program is illustrated by way of a case study.

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