The HSF-Arcos research project
Author Klugt P.G.M. van der, Walree F. van, Pauw P.M.
Title The HSF-Arcos research project
Conference/Journal HSMV 2002, Naples, Italy
Year 2002

The HSF-Arcos project is a joint research effort of a shipyard (Van der Giessen - de Noord, GN), a research institute (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, MARIN) and a company specialised in ship motion control (Imtech Marine & Offshore, in the following referred to as ‘Imtech’) to develop an advanced motion control system for fast ferries. The intention of the project is to enable optimisation of a fast ferry design for a specific route by taking advantage of the potential of simulation techniques and advanced motion control. Ride control is one aspect covered by the project; by including all ship motion components and by using wave information it is expected that the performance of a fast ferry in adverse weather conditions can be further improved. The paper introduces the project and reports the results of the first steps.

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