Author Schuiling, B.
Title The Design and Numerical Demonstration of a New Energy Saving Device
Conference/Journal 16th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS), Müllheim, Germany
Month September
Year 2013
Pages 141-146

For more than 30 years Energy Saving Devices (ESDs) have been designed and built to improve the fuel efficiency of ships. Even though the maritime world has always been fascinated by ESDs, with the current challenging world economy, increasing oil prices and the upcoming new EEDI regulations, the interest in ESDs is strongly increasing.
Many papers have been published over the years, introducing new ESD designs, their profits and the working principles responsible for the energy saving.
The present paper presents results from the ongoing European Project GRIP. In this paper not only a numerical demonstration will be presented, it also discusses the important steps that have been taken in the design process of the ESD and explains the working principle in detail.

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