Ship Service Performance Analysis
Author Flikkema, M.B., Hout van der, I.E.
Title Ship Service Performance Analysis
Conference/Journal 31st Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference
Month May
Year 2009

Where in the past the operational cost of a ship was dominated by crew costs, fuel costs
have taken over the majority of costs due to ever increasing bunker prices. To reduce
operational costs, ships should be optimised in fuel efficiency considering environmental
conditions and operational parameters. A first step in optimising ship performance is to
check the speed-power relation in speed trials. A transparent and accurate industry
standard for conducting and analysing speed trials is discussed. New methods to
determine the added resistance of ships in waves are presented and a consistent
practice of speed trials is proposed. The performance of ships during the speed trials
can be accurately determined using the STA approach. This however does not improve
the ship service performance. The performance analysis is the missing link in monitoring
and improving the ship’s performance. By displaying the ship performance to the crew,
the performance can be optimised by adjusting engine settings or trim within available

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