Safety of LNG-Shipping around Ports and Terminals
Author Jos T.M. van Doorn and Johan H. de Jong, MARIN
Title Safety of LNG-Shipping around Ports and Terminals
Conference/Journal Port Technology International
Year 2004

The design of port lay-outs and terminals suitable for LNG-carriers has to meet exceptionally high safety standards. The highly sensitive
subject is always treated by the responsible parties with the utmost concern for the design of inherently safe terminals. This is reached
through the careful choice of the terminal location within the port and the definition of strict nautical procedures around the entrance,
transit, mooring and loading/unloading of the vessel.
In this article, an outline is given of the maritime issues to be addressed if LNG offloading is envisaged. The issues are grouped around
four main themes:
• Port infrastructure design;
• Nautical ship operations;
• Overall Port Shipping Safety;
• Training.
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