Safetrans: A New Software System for Safer Rig Moves
Author Aalbers A.B, Cooper C.K, Nowak S, Lloyd J.R, Leenaars C.E.J. and Vollen F.
Title Safetrans: A New Software System for Safer Rig Moves
Conference/Journal Proceedings Jack-up Conference, London
Year 2001

The SafeTrans Joint Industry Project (JIP) started in 1997 with the goal of improving today’s tows and installations by
utilizing modern probabilistic- and consequence-based methods, improved weather forecasting, and inexpensive but
powerful PCs. SafeTrans was funded by 31 companies including 11 oil companies, six warranty surveyors, and six
transport companies. The involvement of most of the major players in the offshore transport field has produced a fully
vested tool incorporating much of the technical expertise and practical experience of the JIP members. The software
can handle barge and jack-up tows as well as self-propelled (dry) transports. Multi-month trans-ocean transports as well
as short installations are covered. SafeTrans has two major software components: an office-based system to pre-plan
and design the tow, and an on-board system to provide real-time advice to the captain during the actual tow or
installation. This paper describes the common software of the two components including the ship hydrodynamic
modeling, the Monte Carlo simulator, metocean database, and the risk analysis. The paper also compares SafeTrans
results with measured data from the self-propelled transport of Santa Fé’s Galaxy II jack-up on the Dockwise Transshelf
from Singapore to Halifax Nova Scotia.
The authors wish to thank H. Soma of SafeTec Nordic for his contribution to the paper and M.M.D. Levadou
of MARIN for his review of the paper and the presentation at the City University Jack-Up Conference.

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