Progress in Computer Simulations of SPM Moored Vessels
Author J.E.W. Wichers (MARIN)
Title Progress in Computer Simulations of SPM Moored Vessels
Conference/Journal Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston
Paper no. OTC1986-5175
Month May
Year 1986

In the last ten years computer simulation programs for SPM moored vessels have been developed by several authors. At present the application of such programs, if at all, is limited to some preliminary calculations in the very early design stage. The reasons for the reluctance to apply such computation methods in the more final stage of the design is clearly due to the failure of reliable input data and uncertainties concerning the procedures to describe the governing physical phenomena more accurately.

In this paper experimental and theoretical results for the input and the methodologies involved in simulations of the behaviour of and the mooring forces induced by a large tanker moored in wind, irregular waves and current will be presented.

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