Author Kat, J.O. de, and Paulling, J.R.
Title Prediction of extreme motions and capsizing of ships and offshore structures
Conference/Journal 20th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering (OMAE), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Paper no. OMAE2001/OFT-1280
Month June
Year 2001

This paper presents an overview of developments related to the dynamic behavior of intact and damaged ships and offshore platforms in extreme weather conditions. Capsize mechanisms are discussed, including flooding through damage openings and the behavior of flood water. The paper gives a brief analysis of the major accidents of three semisubmersible platforms, where the loss of stability played a role in their foundering. The development of regulations accounting for dynamic stability of MODUs is reviewed. The paper treats in some detail the aspects associated with the numerical modeling of intact and damaged vessels and moored offshore platforms in heavy seas.

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