Author Hoekstra, M. and Eça, L.
Title PARNASSOS: An Efficient Method for Ship Stern Flow Calculation
Conference/Journal Osaka Colloquium
Month May
Year 1998
Pages 331-357

PARNASSOS is a CFD code for the computation of the viscous flow at the stern of a ship at high Reynolds number. It has been developed at MARIN, in cooperation with IST, for the analysis of the flow disturbance created by a ship, proceeding steadily on a straight course through still water, under the assumption that the formation of gravity waves at the free surface can be neglected. This paper presents an updated and fairly complete description of PARNASSOS. After some general information, the mathematical model, the discretization and the iterative solution procedure are discussed, the distinguishing features of PARNASSOS being highlighted. Also the areas of ongoing development of the code are addressed. Some representative results are included.

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