Overview of Sloshel Project
Author Brosset L., Mravak Z., Kaminski M.L., Collins S. and Finnigan, T.
Title Overview of Sloshel Project
Conference/Journal ISOPE 19th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, Osaka Japan
Month June
Year 2009

This paper provides an overview of the Sloshel project, aspects of which are further described in other ISOPE 2009 papers (Kaminski, Bogaert, 2009; Malenica, Korobkin, Ten, Gazzola, Mravak, de Lauzon, Scolan, 2009; Maguire, Whitworth, Oguibe, Radosavljevic, Carden, 2009; Wang, Shin, 2009). The Sloshel project is a Joint Industry Project to collect data from full-scale sloshing experiments using unidirectional focused waves impacting on a fully instrumented LNG carrier NO96 membrane containment panel and a concrete block within a rigid vertical wall.

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