Optimization of a ship with a large diameter propeller
Author Ploeg, A. van der, Bles, G. van der, and Zelderen, J. van
Title Optimization of a ship with a large diameter propeller
Conference/Journal 19th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS), St. Pierre d'Oléron, France
Month October
Year 2016
Pages 102-107

From several studies in the past it has been demonstrated that the fuel consumption of a ship can be decreased by enlarging the propeller and reducing its rotation rate. One of the work packages in the EU project "LeanShips" aims to integrate the design of the aft ship and a large area propeller. As a test case and demonstrator, we consider a container ship in which the propeller diameter was enlarged from 5.85m to 7.00m.
It is expected that the increase of the propeller diameter decreases the required power by approximately 4%. A further decrease is expected from a combined optimization of the aft part of the hull and the propeller. In this paper, we focus on the method that can be used to optimize the hull form, in which candidate hull forms will be evaluated by full-scale RANS-computations.

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