Author Levadou M., Gaillarde G.
Title Operational guidance to avoid parametric roll
Conference/Journal RINA 2003 - Container vessels
Year 2003

In late October 1998 a laden, post-Panamax, C11 class containership, eastbound from Kaohsiung to Seattle, was overtaken by a violent storm in the North Pacific Ocean. The encounter with the storm continued for some 12 hours, mostly at night, during which the master reduced speed and attempted to steer into increasingly higher seas off the vessel’s starboard bow. Ultimately, the seas became completely confused and violent.
Significant wave heights steadily increased from 10.9 m with a TP of 13.5 s at the beginning of the storm to 13.4 m and 15.4 s at in the middle. The maximum Hs was 14.9 m with a Tp of 16.4 s.

More significant than the violence and magnitude of the seas, however, were reports by experienced engine and deck officers of unexpectedly extreme and violent ship motions during the worst of the storm. At times yaw angles of 20 deg port and starboard made course keeping almost impossible. Main engine overspeed trips and shaft vibrations together with pounding reflected significant pitch amplitudes. Port and starboard rolls as great as 35 deg to 40 deg were reported to have occurred simultaneously with the extreme pitching.

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