Offshore Monitoring; Real World Data for Design, Engineering and Operation
Author van den Boom, H., Koning, J. & Aalberts, P.
Title Offshore Monitoring; Real World Data for Design, Engineering and Operation
Conference/Journal Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston
Paper no. OTC2005-17172
Month May
Year 2005
Publisher OTC
Pages 9

The challenging development of new platform concepts and their installation in deeper water in more remote areas and more severe weather conditions require a direct feedback from offshore experience to design and engineering. Moreover the platform operation itself can be enhanced by utilizing the actual behavior of the platform and its environmental conditions.

Present day sensor technology, data acquisition and transmission systems enable continuous monitoring of the dynamic response of structures in relation to the actual environmental conditions. Motions, loads, structural response as well as the detailed wind, wave and current conditions at the platform can be recorded to derive the environmental loading, the platform response characteristics and special phenomena such as VIV. Obviously adequate analysis and presentation of the measured results is crucial to meet the objectives of a monitoring campaign.

This has proven to be a powerful combination not only to provide feedback to design and engineering but also to give ‘feed forward’ to the operation itself as well as to inspection and maintenance procedures. Design and engineering are based on limited input such as metocean data which is used for computational methods and guidelines with obvious limitations. Full scale data provide the actual input data and results to validate and develop design and engineering methods. In other cases the actual operation benefits from monitoring as decision making can be based on solid data. Finally monitoring can contribute to record the history of loading and response of platforms which is important for long-term purposes such as structural health monitoring.

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