Author Raven, H.C.
Title Numerical Wash Prediction Using A Free-Surface Panel Code
Conference/Journal RINA Conference on Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Craft - Wake wash and motion control
Month November
Year 2000

Possibilities for numerically predicting wave wash are discussed. A distinction is made between the
generation of the ship wave system, and its propagation to the far field. The former is computed using
a steady potential flow method; some validations for cases relevant to wash are shown, and the
applicability is discussed. For uniform water depth the computed wave pattern can be extended to the
far field using the analytical decay rate or a spectral representation. For cases including wave
transformation and refraction, a method is being developed in cooperation with WL|Delft Hydraulics
based on coupling the calculation of the ship’s wave making with a Boussinesq-type model for wave

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