Author Baltazar, J.M., Rijpkema, D.R., and Falc√£o de Campos, J.A.
Title Numerical Studies For Verification And Validation Of Open-Water Propeller RANS Computations
Conference/Journal VI International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (MARINE2015), Rome, Italy
Month June
Year 2015
Pages 874-885

In this paper, viscous flow calculation using a RANS method are presented for two marine propellers in open-water conditions at model-scale. A verification study from a range of geometrically similar grids with different grid densities is made. The results show that the numerical uncertainties for the propeller forces are in the order of 0.4-2.2%. The influence of the domain size and boundary conditions on the prediction of the propeller forces is analysed. The numerical predictions are compared with the experimental results. These differences (comparison error) are larger than the numerical uncertainty, suggesting that the comparison error is dominated by the modelling error.

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