Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Stall, with Application to Stabilizer Fins of Ships
Author Fernandes, G., Kapsenberg, G.K., Kerkvliet, M. and Walree, F. van
Title Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Stall, with Application to Stabilizer Fins of Ships
Conference/Journal 18th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS), Cortona, Italy
Month September
Year 2015

The stability of a ship often limits the operation in seas. These limits could be due to, e.g. capzise risk, green water or comfort which is an important design driver for yacht type ships. In these situations the roll oscillation is the most critical motion, since roll is minimally damped by a bare hull. Additional damping is therefore often required by stability systems like, bilge keels, antiroll tanks or stabilizer fins. Experiments in the towing tank (Gaillarde 2003) have shown that stabilizer fins in dynamic motion can generate lift forces at much higher angles of incidence than they can in static conditions. Several approaches to study this intriguing behaviour in fluid mechanics have been made: theoretical, experimental and numerical.
The objective of this current work is to simulate the flow conditions seen at model scale experiments, Re = 65,000 for moving airfoils, to understand the working principles of stabilizer fins in dynamic motion. Therefore dynamic CFD simulations are performed by using a moving grid approach. Based on these results, an optimal applicability of stabilizer fins can be developed. This paper will show the step of verification and validation of a two-dimensional static NACA 0012 at various angles of attack. Key parameters will be examined (space & temporal refinements and turbulence models). A comparison will first be made to the available static data in Lee and Gerontakos (2004), and repeated at the design Reynolds number.

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