Multi-objective Optimization of a Tanker Afterbody using PARNASSOS
Author Van der Ploeg, A. and Hoekstra, M.
Title Multi-objective Optimization of a Tanker Afterbody using PARNASSOS
Conference/Journal NuTTS 12th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium
Month October
Year 2009
Pages 146-151

Ship resistance and propulsion are principal aspects for the fuel efficiency of maritime transport.
Modern CFD techniques allow a further improvement of that efficiency by precisely predicting resistance and scale effects, by computational optimization for minimum resistance or power, and by understanding and limiting propeller cavitation to shift the constraints on efficiency.
In the European project VIRTUE, an EC-funded project under the 6th Framework program, 22 institutes and universities have cooperated in carrying out research to advance the role of CFD in ship hydrodynamics and design. In the Resistance and Propulsion work package, significant improvements were made in the quality of resistance and wave making computations and in the computation of scale effects. Based on this, procedures for multi-objective optimization of ship hulls were developed. The work culminated in a VIRTUE workshop in which 5 participants optimized the same tanker afterbody with respect to both resistance and wake field quality. This paper presents the optimization process carried out using the viscous-flow solver PARNASSOS.
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