Author W.C. de Boom, J.A. Pinkster, and S.G. Tan
Title Motion and Tether Force Prediction for a Deepwater Tension Leg Platform
Conference/Journal Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston
Paper no. OTC1983-4487
Year 1983

This paper deals with a comparison between the computed and measured motions and tether forces for a deep water TLP. The computations are compared with model experiments which have been conducted in both regular and irregular waves in the Seakeeping Laboratory of the Netherlands Ship Model Basin.

Attention is paid to the prediction of the second harmonic components of the tether forces in regular waves and to the computation in the time domain of the combined wave frequency and low frequency motions and tether forces in irregular seas. The time domain computations have been performed using as input the wave record measured in the basin.

Comparison of results of computations and model tests allow identification of the major cause of high frequency tether force fluctuations and demonstrate the applicability of the convolution integral method in time domain analysis of low frequency TLP motions.

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