Mooring Forces Induced by Passing Ships
Author G. F. M. Remery (Netherlands Ship Model Basin NSMB)
Title Mooring Forces Induced by Passing Ships
Conference/Journal Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston
Paper no. OTC1974-2066
Year 1974

The paper deals with some preliminary results of model tests carried out in the wave and current laboratory of the Netherlands Ship Model Basin to determine the external forces on a tanker, moored in shallow water, as a result of the passage of a large tanker shaped vessel.

The main effects of passing distance, speed and size of the passing tanker are shown.

It will be discussed how the response of the moored vessel may be calculated from the exciting forces measured.

A calculation of the lateral motion of a tanker moored by means of linear springs illustrates the calculation procedure and supplies interesting information concerning the effect of the stiffness of the mooring system on the lateral mooring forces.

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