Model Scale Measurements of Surface Ship Radiated Flow Noise
Author Jong, C. de, Bosschers, B. and Hasenpflug, H.
Title Model Scale Measurements of Surface Ship Radiated Flow Noise
Conference/Journal NAG-DAGA International Conference on Acoustics
Month March
Year 2009
Pages 279-282

Advances in weapon and sensor capabilities are driving an increased interest in the control of underwater signatures of naval platforms. The control of machinery and propeller noise is well understood but there is a shortfall of knowledge of the mechanisms that govern noise due to the flow around the hull of a surface ship. The subject has been investigated by the collaborative US-NL project Mechanisms and Prediction of Surface Ship Radiated Flow Noise. The project aimed to determine and quantify the sources of flow noise generated by surface ships in terms of ship speed and hull shape. The focus was on the underwater noise generated by turbulence excited hull plating vibration and noise resulting from breaking bow waves. A combination of full scale, large scale, model scale tests and computational fluid dynamics was used. The paper will discuss the test set-up and results of the model scale experiments which were made in a (highly reverberant) towing tank. A special silent towing carriage was developed to reduce the background noise, while an acoustic antenna was used to measure the noise due to the breaking bow waves. The pressure fluctuations due to the turbulent boundary layer were measured at several hull locations.

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