Maritime and Marine Risk Assessment of Oil Spills
Author F.M. Kleissen, C. van der Tak
Title Maritime and Marine Risk Assessment of Oil Spills
Conference/Journal Windtech International
Month June
Year 2007

Just offshore from the Dutch town Egmond aan Zee, a wind farm
has recently become operational. As part of the project, a monitoring
and evaluation programme will be carried out during the
construction phase and the first years of operation. The monitoring
programme includes the assessment of the effects of spills caused
by ship collisions with the wind farm. But how can collisions of
ships with the wind farm, and the consequences of possible oil spills
resulting from these incidents, be monitored when the risk of these
events is very small? Modelling the frequency and consequences of
these events is the only way of making a quantitative assessment of
the possible increase in risk resulting from the presence of the wind
farm, and assessing its significance.

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