Low-Frequency Phenomena Associated With Vessel Moored At Sea
Author J. Pinkster (Netherlands Ship Model Basin NSMB)
Title Low-Frequency Phenomena Associated With Vessel Moored At Sea
Conference/Journal European Spring Meeting of SPE-AIME, Amsterdam
Paper no. SPE paper No. 4837
Month May
Year 1974

The influence of the low-frequency-wave-drifting force on the motions of moored vessels and the loads in the mooring system is demonstrated from results of model tests in irregular waves. The origin of the wave drifting force is discussed and methods for calculating the mean drifting force are reviewed .To faciIitate calculation of the low-frequency-wave drifting force on an object in irregular waves, an existing method using the mean drifting force in regular waves is generalized. The results of calculations using the method introduced in this paper are compared with previously published test results. Finally, some remarks are added concerning effects that have not been accountd for in existing calculation methods.

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