Hydrodynamic support in the design of submarines
Author Terwisga, T.J.C. van, and Hooft, J.P.
Title Hydrodynamic support in the design of submarines
Conference/Journal Bicentennial Maritime Symposium
Month January
Year 1988
Pages 241-251

The paper presents an overview of the hydrodynamic support that can be given in the early design process of a submarine. With the knowledge and methods that have become available lately, it has become possible to optimise the design of a submarine in a short and systematic way.

A design process is briefly sketched and important hydrodynamic aspects are herein identified. An overview is subsequently presented in which the available methods and their use in the design process are indicated. A few methods are treated into more detail (power prediction, potential flow calculation, propeller design and analysis, manoeuvrability prediction). The theory applied in these methods is outlined shortly and an example of possible applications is given.

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