Author Jurgens, A.J. and Walree, F. van
Title Hydrodynamic aspects of interest for the development of an integrated ride control system for high speed mono hulls
Conference/Journal FAST 2003 The 7th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation
Month October
Year 2003

The paper presents a number of hydrodynamic aspects emerged during a joint research project in to the development of an integrated advance motion control system for a high-speed monohull ferry. To facilitate the development of the control system a six degrees of freedom time domain simulation method for a high speed craft operating in waves and/or performing manoeuvres has been developed. Dedicated model tests have been carried out yielding the steady and unsteady particulars of the control surfaces, including cavitation effects. The effect of the motion control system on the comfort of passengers and crew and the economy of operation of the craft will be demonstrated by using the results of a time domain scenario analysis tool.

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