Hydrodynamic analysis for side-by-side offloading
Author Bunnik, T.H.J., Pauw, W. and Voogt, A.J. (MARIN)
Title Hydrodynamic analysis for side-by-side offloading
Conference/Journal 19th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE), Osaka, Japan
Month June
Year 2009

In this paper a comparison between model basin experiments and results of linear diffraction computations on side-by-side moored LNG carriers is presented. The computations are based on a variation of the damping lid method in diffraction codes to suppress non-realistic high wave elevations between two floating objects in close proximity. The damping lid method was originally formulated by Chen (2005). In the original method damping is added to the free surface between the vessels. In this paper, an alternative approach is used, in which damping is also applied to the free-surface inside the vessels, instead of the traditional rigid-lid approach. This method reduces the grid dependency and provides a better comparison with model tests results.

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