Green Water Evaluation for FPSOs in the Gulf of Mexico
Author B. Buchner and A. J. Voogt (MARIN) and A. S. Duggal and C. N. Heyl (FMC SOFEC)
Title Green Water Evaluation for FPSOs in the Gulf of Mexico
Conference/Journal Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston
Paper no. OTC2002-14192
Month May
Year 2002

Estimation of green water occurrence and the associated loading on exposed structures is an important design consideration for FPSOs [Floating (Production) Storage and Offloading] in harsh environments. As FPSO concepts are being developed for deep and ultra-deep water Gulf of Mexico, this phenomenon must be understood for hurricane conditions and designs developed to alleviate its impact.

This paper provides a mechanism for understanding and evaluating the green water phenomenon for FPSOs in harsh environments, both at the bow of the vessel and along its sides. The paper utilizes recently developed analysis and design methodologies, and presents criteria specifically developed for the Gulf of Mexico hurricane environment. A case study is used to discuss an FPSO for the Gulf of Mexico designed to resist green water occurrence, and the development of design environmental criteria from a longterm response analysis. The case study is also used to illustrate the design methodology developed, and to show the sensitivity of the green water loading as a function of freeboard exceedence allowed. Finally the paper presents guidelines that provide a strong foundation for the evaluation of green water for FPSO concepts in the Gulf of Mexico.

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