Full Scale Measurements of Passing Ship Effects
Author Wictor, W., Boom, H. van den.
Title Full Scale Measurements of Passing Ship Effects
Conference/Journal 33rd PIANC World Congress, San Francisco
Month 5
Year 2014

Within the ROPES (Research on Passing Effects of Ships) joint-industry project (JIP), an extensive full scale measurement campaign has been conducted. On four selected locations in the Port of Rotterdam the moored ship motions and line loads were measured while tracking the passing ships. This campaign aimed to investigate the passing ship effects in real world conditions and to collect data for validation of the ROPES software to predict the loads excited by passing ships.

The mooring line loads were measured by means of wireless load cells. Both the low frequency and high frequency motions of the vessel were recorded. For this purpose use was made of a combination of accelerometers, rate gyros and RTK-GPS. In addition the vessel transverse and yaw motions were measured by acoustic sensors from the quayside. The passing vessels were recorded by collecting AIS data from which ship size and displacement, speed, heading and passing distance were derived. Furthermore the water levels just in front and behind the moored vessel were measured, as well as the local current and wind. The selected measurement locations concerned a container terminal, a dry cargo terminal along a river, an inland water location and deep water dolphin mooring location. The moored ships ranged from a small barge to dry cargo vessels, large container ships and a VLCC. At two locations measurements were conducted with conventional mooring lines and with active mooring systems.

In this paper the full scale measurement campaign will be presented in detail. Selected results of the measurement campaign will be presented and the use of active mooring systems will be discussed.

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