Finding the hull form for given seakeeping characteristics
Author Kapsenberg G.K.
Title Finding the hull form for given seakeeping characteristics
Conference/Journal Proceedings IMAM 2005, 26-30 September, Lisbon
Month September
Year 2005

This paper presents a method to find a hull form that satisfies as good as possible a set of seakeeping require-ments. The method uses an initial hull form that is characterized by a set of polynomials that define the beam on the waterline, the draft and the sectional area as a function of the length. The sectional shape is then defined by a 2 parameter Lewis transform. Limits can be supplied to the parameters describing the hull form. The hull form is changed by changing the driving parameters that define the polynomials. The seakeeping behaviour is calculated using a linear strip theory program. An optimization method is used to find the hull form that approaches the seakeeping requirements as good as possible.
The method is applied to the design of a frigate. The required seakeeping characteristics are vertical accel-erations that are half those of the original design. The intermediate steps are shown and the final hull shape is presented.

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