Author Bastien Abeil
Title Experimental prediction of anti roll tanks on the rolling of ships
Conference/Journal 13th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships (PRADS), Copenhagen, Denmark
Paper no. ID146
Month September
Year 2016

Over the last years MARIN has developed an integrated model testing approach for the prediction of the performance of free-surface Anti Roll Tanks (ART) in reducing the roll motion of vessels. Beside the tailor-made test programme, the approach is mostly characterised by the specific test set-up that allows the measurement of the reaction forces generated by the ART on the ship model
during seakeeping tests in a wave basin. After a brief introduction of the working principle of free-surface ARTs and the MARIN test set-up and programme, the paper describes in detail the measurements obtained from ARTs during a series of seakeeping test campaigns.

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