Dynamic stability of planing ships
Author Toxopeus, S.L.. Keuning, J.A. and Hooft, J.P.
Title Dynamic stability of planing ships
Conference/Journal RINA International symposium and seminar on the safety of high speed craft
Month February
Year 1997

At present, most of the research effort on planing ships has been directed towards resistance, powering and seakeeping. Only a few studies have been done on manoeuvring, with three or sometimes four degrees of freedom.
In this paper the results will be discussed about the research performed on manoeuvring of planing ships for six degrees of freedom, to be able to fully predict the response of these vessels to disturbances during high speed sailing. Tests have been done with two fully restrained models in the towing tank of the Delft University of Technology. The influence of pitch, rise, draught, drift and speed was examined. The results of the study have been analysed and used in a time domain simulation to model the behaviour of the ship.
In the initial design of planing ships, most of the ships dimensions are not yet fixed, so that an extensive test program is not well timed. However, one often desires to ascertain the influence of various factors of the ships form and attitude on the manoeuvrability.
The simulation model can be used to determine the manoeuvrability and dynamic stability in the first design stages of planing ships.

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