Author Huijsmans, R.H.M., Pinkster, J.A. and Wilde, J.J. de
Title Diffraction and Radiation of Waves around Side-by-side Moored Vessels
Conference/Journal ISOPE Conference, Stavanger
Paper no. ISOPE01-JSC-291
Month June
Year 2001

This paper investigates the hydrodynamical aspects of a float- ing two body system. The emphasis is geared to a side by side mooring of a FPSO vessel and a LNG carrier. The main focus is on the following issues:

• Determination of the mean and low frequency wave drift forces for multi-body systems
• Development of a robust linear potential solver for multi- body systems

In the paper a lid technique will be presented to circumvent unrealistic high water velocities on the ship's hull. Also the accurate integration of the complete Green's function will be highlighted.

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