Author Walree F. van
Title Development, validation and application of a time domain seakeeping method for high speed craft with a ride control system
Conference/Journal 24th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics Fukuoka, JAPAN, 8-13 July 2002
Year 2002

A computational method for the seakeeping behaviour of ships with a ride control system is described. The method essentially is a time domain panel method using the transient Green function to incorporate free surface effects. It is designed to take ship hulls with lifting surfaces into account.
Validation results are presented for three basic cases: damping forces on an oscillating lifting surface operating beneath a free surface, wave excitation forces on a lifting surface advancing in waves and wave induced motions of a destroyer hull form operating in head seas.
Next, application of the method to high speed craft with ride control is discussed and motion predictions are validated. Special attention is paid to interaction effects between a ship hull and a set of T-foil stabilizers.
Finally, linear and non-linear motion predictions for an unconventional frigate hull form are presented.

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