Determining the Dynamic Quality of Signal Conditioners
Author van de Bunt, E., Bouvy, A. and Bloemhof, F.
Title Determining the Dynamic Quality of Signal Conditioners
Conference/Journal 3rd International Conference on Advanced Model Measurement Technology for the EU Maritime Industry (AMT), Gdansk, Poland
Month September
Year 2013

This paper will describe a method to determine the quality of a signal conditioner over the conditioners bandwidth. This paper will present both a time domain approach and an approach using the spectral domain to determine the ENOB (Effective Number Of Bits). Both approaches have their advantages and are used simultaneously in the process of determining the dynamic quality of a signal conditioner. The combined approaches will also deliver information on noise levels and harmonic distortion and will give insight in the general dynamic behaviour and quality of the signal conditioner.

The ENOB value can be determined for a conditioners analogue signal input range and for a conditioners strain gage input range using a special designed Wheatstone bridge simulator. The method is applied to typical signal conditioners of five different manufacturers of signal conditioners. The results will be discussed without revealing the manufacturers name. The ENOB value will be related to the transducer accuracy. The paper will outline the different steps in the method and will review the limitations of the method.

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