Design of towed transports using voyage simulation techniques
Author R. Grin
Title Design of towed transports using voyage simulation techniques
Conference/Journal Rina Marine Heavy Transport & Lift IV, London, 2014
Month October
Year 2014

Voyage simulation techniques provide a new approach to the planning and design of towed transports. The simulation of the intended voyage can be undertaken and the motions and loads experienced by the tug and tow depending on the winds, waves and currents can be evaluated prior to any decision to go ahead. The predicted encountered weather, tug and tow motions, voyage duration and tow line loads are derived based on a global 18-year wind and wave hindcast. This database includes 12-hourly forecasts up to 7-day ahead, allowing the software to take into account a likely captain’s decision, such as postponing departure, rerouting, changing course, heaving to or even seeking shelter during a passage, thereby providing significant advantages when compared to existing traditional planning and design methods.
The simulation techniques employed by SafeTrans 5 for the planning and design of wet and dry tug-tow analyses and simulations, including the use of multiple tug operations, calculation of towline loads, use of rendering winches and impact if any where weather limits are imposed on a towed voyage will be analysed. An illustrative example of the use of the software to support a recently undertaken tow operation from Europe to Brazil will also be discussed.

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