Author R.P. Dallinga, A.B. Aalbers, and J.W.W. van der Vegt
Title Design Aspects for Transport of Jackup Platforms on a Barge
Conference/Journal Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston
Paper no. OTC1984-4733
Year 1984

A method for the calculation of design data for the transport of a jack-up platform on a barge is presented. The motions as well as the internal loads and the resulting deformations are considered.

With the aid of a computer program based on three-dimensional diffraction theory the hydrodynamic characteristics of the barge are determined. The effects of forward speed and non-linear roll damping are investigated. Also the loads in the jack-up and the dynamic hogging, sagging and torsion deformations of the barge are calculated.

The above mentioned aspects of the transport are reviewed for various wave conditions including directional seas. A procedure to determine design values based on long-term statistics is proposed.

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