DP FPSO – A Fully Dynamically Positioned FPSO for Ultra Deep Waters
Author Joaquin Lopez-Cortijo (IZAR FENE), Arun S. Duggal (FMC SOFEC Floating Systems), Radboud R.T. van Dijk (MARIN) and Sergio Matos (
Title DP FPSO – A Fully Dynamically Positioned FPSO for Ultra Deep Waters
Conference/Journal ISOPE Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii
Month May
Year 2003

In the coming years, there will be a growing demand for Floating Production and Storage Units (FPSOs) for ultra deep waters (greater than 2,000 meters) worldwide. One of the issues in the design of FPSOs for these water depths will be the selection of the most cost-efficient station keeping system for the specified operational requirements. Standard solutions based on internal turret mooring systems are already being offered by the industry. However, beyond certain water depths, the technical and economical constraints associated with the use of mooring systems may favor other concepts potentially more attractive and cost-efficient, such as a fully dynamically positioned FPSO. This paper presents the preliminary results from a design study being undertaken by the authors and their respective organizations to develop such a system. The paper provides a description of the FPSO hull and station keeping system and the disconnectable turret-riser system developed specifically for this application. Finally the paper compares results obtained from a comprehensive large-scale model test program of the system with numerical simulations.

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