Author Huijsmans, R.H.M. and van Groesen, E.,
Title Coupling Freak Wave Events with Green Water Simulations
Conference/Journal ISOPE Conference, Toulon
Month May
Year 2004

In this paper a VoF method will be presented together with a coupling to a non-linear potential flow solver. The non-linear flow input is generated using a FEM/FD method described by Westhuis. The generation of a freak wave event is based on the description of the freak wave as a realization of a soliton on a finite background. The VoF method has shown to represent most of the non-linear characteristics of waves as will be demonstrated by a soliton splitting example. The use of the non-linear inflow conditions has shown to be relevant when computing green water incidents. The pressure calculations on a fixed object in waves do show a high frequency noise behaviour due to the simulation of the body boundary conditions.

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