Correlation allowances in model tests results: Truth or dare?
Author Patrick M. Hooijmans, Gerco PJJ Hagesteijn
Title Correlation allowances in model tests results: Truth or dare?
Conference/Journal PRADS2013, Changwon City, Korea
Month October
Year 2013

Model tests at ballast and design draught are used to convert the sea trial results from the ballast trial draught to the contractual design draught. Correlation allowances in model test results and their effect on the trial performance prediction are of major importance. A
large spreading in the values of the correlation allowances for design draughts have been found for merchant vessels tested at different model test institutes, but at ballast trial draught the spreading is much less.
Can it happen that some institutes on purpose select favourable correlations allowances? Or should we accept a large spreading in correlation allowances and have these indeed been confirmed by sea trials at design draught?
Some statistical analysis will be presented, as well as a discussion on the accuracy of model and full scale tests.

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