Author S├ębastien Gueydon (MARIN), Pierre-Yves Wuillaume (MARIN Academy), Jason Jonkman, Amy Robertson, Andrew Platt (NREL)
Title Comparison of Second-Order Loads on a Tension-Leg Platform for Wind Turbines
Conference/Journal Twenty-fifth International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) conference, Hawaii
Month June
Year 2015

The first objective of this work is to compare the two floating offshore wind turbine simulation packages; (DIFFRAC+aNySIM) and (WAMIT+FAST). The focus of this study is on second-order wave loads; therefore, first- and second-order wave loads are applied to a structure sequentially for a detailed comparison and a more precise analysis of the effects of the second-order loads. aNySIM does not have the capability to model flexible bodies, so the simulations performed in this tool are done assuming a rigid body. FAST also assumes that the platform is rigid but can account for the flexibility of the tower. The second objective is to study the effects of the second-order loads on the response of a tension-leg platform (TLP) floating wind turbine. The flexibility of the tower must be considered for this investigation; therefore, only FAST is used.

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