Author Eça, L. and Hoekstra, M.
Title Code Verification And Validation of Calculations with RANS Solvers
Conference/Journal NATO MP-AVT-147 Symposium on Computational Uncertainty in Military Vehicle Design, Athens, Greece
Month December
Year 2007
Number 7

This paper focus on three aspects of Verification of RANS solvers: Code Verification with the Method of the Manufactured Solutions (MMS); evaluation of iterative and discretization errors and how to combine them; Verification of Calculations based on grid refinement studies. The advantages of MMS in the RANS context are illustrated for the first two topics. In turbulent flows where RANS is an appropriate mathematical model, it is possible to attain the asymptotic range and consequently perform reliable estimates of the discretization error. However, in complex flows this may lead to grid densities which are unaffordable in practical calculations.

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