Calculation of the flow around the KVLCC2M tanker
Author Eça, L., Hoekstra, M., and Toxopeus, S.L.
Title Calculation of the flow around the KVLCC2M tanker
Conference/Journal CFD Workshop Tokyo
Month March
Year 2005
Pages 623-628

The flow around the double-body KVLCC2M tanker is computed in grids with H-O topology. First the zero drift angle case is considered. Two turbulence models are used: Menter’s one-equation model and Kok’s version of the k-omega model. A thorough uncertainty analysis based on solutions on 8 grids of various density is carried out. In the second part of the paper the flow predictions for drift angles 3, 6, 9 and 12 degrees are discussed. Encouraging results are obtained, but the relatively high level of uncertainty in the pressure drag evaluation requires further attention.

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